Road Trip Season

A few of my favorite traveling places I think everyone should visit at least once in their life


Bryleigh Conley

Besides Utah, my dad and I also like to hike around the mountains of Colorado.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

Every now and then, it’s nice to get out of the house. Being in a family who loves to travel and hike, we often go on road trips and make sure to always visit someplace new. Rather than always visiting cities, every now and then it’s nice to try traveling around a more nature-based trip. So here are a few of my personal favorite traveling places that I believe everyone should visit at least once in their life, along with traveling tips and planning, just in time for summer.

Arches National Park

If you are ever traveling through Utah, make sure to find time to stop at Arches National Park. It is one of the prettiest sights to see. The park is full of natural arches made of stone and red-rock, you can even find some giant rocks balancing on top of one another. Along with the arches there, there are also many hiking areas to explore.

Arches’ website also provides people with updates on weather conditions, planning, tips, traffic throughout the park, and more about the park. 

Zion National Park

Another place to add to your traveling list is the first park home to Utah; Zion National Park. In the park, you can find all kinds of sandstone covered in an orangey-red tint, canyons and many big cliffs. You can also find all kinds of wildlife, go on tours, hike and more. Although, make sure to plan the trip and tours in advance so you have a chance to see everything.

Zion’s website provides active alerts, schedules, tours, accessibility areas, maps and more.

Morrison Springs

We all know about the yearly Florida trip to the beach, but this time try switching it up a bit and visit Morrison Springs. This place is home to one of the most popular springs in Florida and is a beautiful traveling spot. At the spring you can swim, kayak and walk on the boardwalk; they even have a few lunch tables anchored at the bottom for the scuba divers down there.

Morrison Springs’ website provides visitors with health advisories, alerts, the water clarity level, directions, planning and more.

Ginnie Springs

Just like Morrison Springs, this Ginnie Springs is also located in Florida. Like any other spring, the water is going to be cold, but it’s worth it once you’re in. Under the water you can find an underwater cave-like structure that a lot of scuba divers like to check out. Along with the cave, don’t forget to bring a pair of goggles. Since the water is clear it’s almost like looking through glass, you can find a lot of fish and other pretty sights under the water.

Ginnie Springs’ website provides admission details, specific rules, events, camping areas, diving sites, floating opportunities and more.

Devil’s Den

Another spring that should definitely be on your traveling list, or maybe even in your top spot, is Devils Den in Williston, Fla. Unlike any spring I’ve ever been to, Devil’s Den is definitely a sight to see. At this location, the spring is located underground in a cave-like structure and covered in vines. The park also offers snorkeling, scuba diving and logging for those who wish to stay for a while.

Devil’s Den website provides people with diving and snorkeling opportunities, as well as instructors, camping or lodging and more.

Inlet Beach, Florida

If you have been to Panama, Florida, you’ve already almost made it to Inlet Beach. Just a little ways down is a less crowded beach known for its largest regional beach access, white sandy beaches and clear blue water. It is also home to Camp Helen State Park, the largest coastal dune lake in Florida. The park offers hiking, paddle boarding and more. To get to the beach you even get to take a sandy trail leading there.

Inlet Beaches’ website and Camp Helen’s website provides travelers with planning tips, things to do, beach conditions and more.

Lastly, before going on your trip, make sure to plan ahead, figuring out directions, driving routes, places to stay, safe places to stop, is always a good idea. Also, make sure you bring lots of water and a few snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized, as well as bringing anything that could be used as first aid just in case anything happens and making sure to dress accordingly to where you are going. If you are ever looking for a place to travel or hike, or just want to get out of that same every year trip, make sure to add a few of these places to your traveling list.