The Ledger Staff: What Now?

With the end of the year here and all four issues complete, what does the future hold for the Ledger?


Cade Goins

(left to right) Bryleigh Conley, Taylor Koehnemann and Abbie Luker are the juniors of magazine. They will be the only returning members next year.

Cade Goins, Reporter

May is here, and school is almost out! Yet, a few weeks still remain. The Ledger has all four issues completed and now the staff prepares for the rest of the year, and what comes after. The Ledger staff consists of nine amazing and talented students. However, six of the staff members are all senior members, leaving three juniors to take the torch.

The year of 2022-23 was a great year for the magazine in prospect. Throughout the year, multiple awards have been won by the magazine and staff commending their efforts. Gavin Block, one of the editors-in-chief, won a Best of SNO award early in the year, marking the remainder of the year for greatness.

At Mizzou’s 100th annual J-Day, The Ledger also had great successes. Some of the accomplishments included Abbie Luker winning Best of Show for Newspaper Inside Page Design, Elaine Thimyan and Kay Copeland for Excellent In-depth Feature, Gavin Block for News Feature, Kay Copeland for honors as an All-State journalist, and all Ledger Staff for Excellent Overall Magazine.

The 2022-23 Ledger has also taken a unique path this year for design. The staff decided to make all issues for this year more cohesive together, matching the covers with similar cover styles as well as keeping the bold style formatting throughout every copy and having the overarching theme of the cardinal virtues: fortitude, justice, temperance, and prudence. Having all these themes brought the magazines together and helped pick out the stories contained within each one of them.

It is important to see your successes and be proud of them, take pride in your achievements and be proud of yourself. However, it is also crucial to look to your future, where your path will take you and what you want to do with it. Abbie Luker, Taylor Koehnemann and Bryleigh Conley are going to be the seniors in Magazine next year and continue the experience and knowledge the team has built. The Ledger staff is proud of what they have accomplished and what they’ll be able to teach new reporters coming into the class.

When the 2023-24 school year arrives, it is undoubtable that The Ledger will continue to be a great magazine for all of Liberty and give engaging stories that cover all of Liberty’s favorite topics. We love and appreciate all of the publications staff for what they have provided this year, and what the future years hold as the generations move forward. We hope that you, the readers, will continue to enjoy them just as much as well.