Homecoming: Is It a Yes or a No?

Couples open up about their homecoming proposals


Molly Morris, Reporter

Homecoming season is upon us and the pressure is on as couples frantically find creative ways to ask each other.

Lexi Kayser and Wyatt Cleveland at the Forest Park Cross Country Festival.

Lexi Kayser and Wyatt Cleveland

Our story begins with seniors Wyatt Cleveland and Lexi Kayser. They have both been a part of the Liberty High cross country team for four years now and are proud to say that’s where they first met. They’ve been friends since freshman year and recently started dating this past April. Cleveland asked Kayser at the Forest Park Cross Country Festival on September 9th. “We went to prom together last year as friends so I’m excited for homecoming and prom this upcoming year,” Kayser said.

Rees Lewis and Brice Moreland  

Junior Brice Moreland and Rees Lewis were hanging out with a group of friends one night when Moreland excused himself and said he had to go do something. He went outside and set up a heart of candles with the word ‘Hoco’ inside and began to play their song. Lewis quickly met Moreland outside and said yes. “I’m just excited to help her have the best time,” Moreland said.

Caitlyn Hamilton and Eric Mason

Sophomores Caitlyn Hamilton and Eric Mason have been dating for 11 months now, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that they’d go to homecoming together. But when Caitlin opened her door, she was completely shocked at the sight of Mason sitting on her bed holding a sign that said, “Let’s be picture perfect at homecoming”. “We’ve been dating for 11 months so I figured we would go together. I was surprised by how he asked me because I wasn’t expecting it.” Mason found the idea while brainstorming with his neighbor. “I guess I’m just excited for the whole dance itself,” Mason said.

Emma Hollander and John Richardson after the football teams big win

Emma Hollander and John Richardson

Freshman Emma Hollander and John Richardson have been friends for five months. Hollander is a cheerleader and Richardson is on the freshman football team. After the football team won on Sept. 18th against Holt High School, Richardson decided to ask Hollander to the dance. After thinking about it one night, Richardson decided on his proposal idea. He wrote, “Will you cheer me up and tackle homecoming with me?” on a football along with bringing her flowers. They’re both excited for their first homecoming and to spend more time together.