• Feb 23 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 58, Zumwalt East - 45
  • Feb 23 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 48, Zumwalt East - 45
  • Feb 22 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 54, North Point - 44
  • Feb 20 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 43, Lindbergh - 59
  • Feb 14 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 58, Howell Central - 39
Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Caffeinated Drinks: Making it Through the Day

What do students and staff think about caffeinated beverages?
Lena Blankley
Energy Drinks are popular for many people across the nation.

Waking up at 5 a.m. everyday is not everyone’s favorite thing about school. Many students and staff drink energy drinks in the morning to get them through the long day at school. As you walk around school, you notice that most people are carrying some form of caffeine or energy drinks in their hand. Staff have coffee because they believe that coffee is the most healthy drink for energy in the mornings, while students have the more sugary energy drinks that taste better to them.

Kenna Quinn


“Energy drinks wake me up.”

Camden Cooper


“Really gets me up in the mornings and tastes pretty good.”

Mr. Wheeler

Baseball Coach

“I drink black coffee because it’s the most natural of all energy drinks. Human beings already put enough bad stuff in their bodies. There’s enough stuff in coffee to get you through the day.”

Sicily Trost


“I have never really been interested in energy drinks. I don’t like the way they taste.”

Ivan Marin


“I like the Ghost energies. They are kinda cheap, but they taste very good.”

Officer Gowert

Police Officer 

“Coffee tastes good and it is strong. It gets me through the day or night.”

Aniyah Wooten


“I just don’t drink them a lot.”

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About the Contributors
Jayda Wulff, Reporter
Jayda Wulff is a sophomore and this is her first year of taking journalism. She enjoys playing soccer for her high school, hanging out with her friends, and taking naps. When she's not playing soccer she's either with her friends or at Canes. After high school she wants to go to college to play soccer and get her business degree. Spending time with her family is also a big part of her life.

Lena Blankley, Reporter
Lena Blankley is a freshman taking her first year of journalism. She enjoys running and does track in the spring. In her free time she enjoys painting, drawing, baking, and shopping. She absolutely loves music and enjoys listening to artists like Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller, and The Weeknd. She loves to travel and see new places, and one day hopes to travel the world. She is very family oriented and will most likely be found spending time with family and friends.

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