At the Top

Sophie Reale rises above her fear of heights


Ianne Salvosa

Sophie Reale conquers her phobia and puts the fear behind her.

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter

When most people afraid of heights are faced with a tall structure, most would say one thing; heck no. The thought of easily falling from a tremendous height would make many shake at the knees. But most aren’t like freshman Sophie Reale, who pushed her fear aside and climbed to the top. Literally.

While on vacation at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Reale and her family found a tall rickety staircase part of a roadside attraction while driving through the town. With their interests piqued, the rest of the family raced to the top, but Reale stayed behind. From the top of the staircase, all of Eureka Spring’s trees, lakes, and rivers could be seen. With the spectacular view of at the top, it seemed unbelievable that someone would stay away.

“It was really sketchy,” Reale said. But reluctantly, Reale went back to the staircase with her family the next day. Reale’s sisters urged her over and over to climb up, but Reale remained circumspect.

“We kind of all just pushed her, like you’ve never done it before so you’re gonna regret it if you don’t,” said Reale’s sister, Emma Reale.

After constant pleading from her siblings, Reale built up the courage to join them.

“It’s a staircase, why not just go up and climb it?” Reale said.

Reale climbed up the staircase, taking each step with caution. With the help of her older sisters, Reale moved further and further up, still frightened. But with all the help in the world, the stigma of falling still stuck around.

“I’m gonna die. I was like, terrified,” Reale said. She finally reached the top, the beautiful sights worth each step she climbed. The height of the steps encouraged the height of her fear, but Reale realized the hastiness of her panic.

“You’re gonna regret not doing stuff because of that fear,” said Reale.

Such advice may seem hard to grasp by most acrophobes, but is terrifyingly true. The top is a long way to fall, but from up there, the whole world is for your eyes to seize.