Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


  • Liberty's Key club is hosting a talent show Feb. 3, from 7-9 p.m in the auditorium.
Ianne Salvosa

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger Magazine

Ianne Salvosa is a senior and is the Co-Editor-in-chief of The Ledger. This is her second year in magazine, but fourth year as a part of publications. When she isn’t working on The Ledger, she is a part of the varsity dance team and serves as the bulletin editor for the Missouri-Arkansas District of Key Club International. Additionally, she loves reading, filmmaking, and writing on her blog, Parley & Pilot. After high school, Ianne plans to attend college to study journalism and international affairs.

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Some students of color are confronted with the accusation that it is easier for them to get into college.

‘You’re Just Gonna Get In Because You’re Ethnic’

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger
April 19, 2021
AP culture has created a generation of students that strive to meet the standards of a private organization.

It’s Time To Abolish The College Board

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
April 12, 2021
All three athletes, Kelsey Corcoran, Cole Allen and Tess Roberts, feel as if a weight has been lifted after committing to their respective schools.

Committed: An Inside-Look At The Scouting Process

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
April 7, 2021
The phrase #StopAsianHate has been circulating around social media, running the risk of disappearing and losing importance.

One Out Of 30

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
March 8, 2021
Overall, the number of COVID-19 cases in the WSD tended to increase throughout the first semester.

Data Analysis: First Semester COVID-19 Statistics

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
February 23, 2021
Mr. Nelson celebrates Mr. Morriss unforgettable impact on Liberty and its community.

Beloved Liberty Custodian Leaves the Nest

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger
January 13, 2021
Director of Technology Greg Lawrence and Instructional Technology Coaches Amanda Moody, Samantha Hardesty Knoll, and Mike McCann, discuss plans for the 2020-2021 school year over a Google Meet.

Coaching Educators To Broaden Their Digital Perspective

Ianne Salvosa, Co-editor-in-chief of The Ledger
January 3, 2021
The presence of activism in journalism allows for the introduction of bias in an article.

Painted Blue

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-chief of The Ledger
November 24, 2020
Mrs. Oliva registers to vote shortly after her naturalization ceremony.

From Naturalization To Civic Participation

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-chief of The Ledger
November 13, 2020
The switch to Level 3 was made in hopes that while maintaining their health and safety, the students and staff in the Wentzville School District can continue their education and work, respectively

WSD High Schools To Begin Level 3: Virtual Learning 

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
November 10, 2020
After winning the GAC North-Central Division championship, the girls tennis team show off their first place plaque and medals.

Conquering the Conference

Ianne Salvosa, Co editor-in-chief of The Ledger
October 5, 2020
Liberty Hype has been able to gain 211 followers since its first post on Sept. 4, expanding the reach of their mission to uplift.

Replacing Hatred With Hype

Ianne Salvosa, Co editor-in-chief of The Ledger
September 28, 2020

[Video] Powder Puff Palooza

Sarah Downs, Photo Editor of The Talon Yearbook
September 22, 2020
Speakers present to the Board of Education on Sep. 17.

Back To Five Days A Week

September 18, 2020
During the summer, the band participated in a beach-themed rehearsal.

Can’t Stop the Beat

Ianne Salvosa, Co editor-in-chief Ledger magazine
September 14, 2020
Students who chose Option 1 will attend school on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday, depending on the first letter of their last name.

Changing Course

Ianne Salvosa, Co Editor-in-chief
August 11, 2020
All school districts in St. Charles County (with the exception of Orchard Farm School District) released their reopening plans on July 20.

What Lies Ahead

Ianne Salvosa, Co-editor in chief
July 27, 2020
Senior Spotlight- Week 3

Senior Spotlight- Week 3

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
May 11, 2020
Senior Spotlight- Week 2

Senior Spotlight- Week 2

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
May 5, 2020
Senior Spotlight- Week 1

Senior Spotlight- Week 1

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
April 27, 2020

[Video] A Day in Quarantine

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
April 14, 2020
Kunapareddy as an activist  advocates for the thousands of immigrants affected by the green card backlog.

A Leader in Stars and Stripes

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
February 24, 2020
So how can you actually make a change and become an activist? If you’re a teenager, you probably don’t have access to a million dollars to donate or the time to travel overseas to rescue animals in danger, so how can you make an effective change? 

A Retweet a Day Keeps the Fires Away

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant editor of The Ledger
February 3, 2020

Building Bridges

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant editor of the Ledger
January 29, 2020

A Battle Of Wits

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
January 21, 2020
Maggie Merz, Carly Torbit and Abby Kuhn practice after school in preparation for their meets later in the season.

New Heights

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
December 2, 2019
Veterans are greeted and welcomed as they walk into the assembly.

For The Fighting And The Fallen

Ianne Salvosa, Assistant Editor
November 14, 2019
Due to an increase in preparation, the bar for ACT scores in the school has been raised.

A Tough ACT To Follow

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
November 6, 2019
Art teacher Ms. Vo extends her knowledge of English and kindness through the school.

Reaching Out

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
September 19, 2019
A poster describes one of the effects of vaping.

[Video] Killer Cloud

Madeline Lewis, Reporter
September 18, 2019
Tates lipstick pepper spray is used as a secondary safeguard when downtown.

Every Woman for Herself

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
August 28, 2019

First Day

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
August 19, 2018
Students who were able to walkout went to Broemmelsiek Park to protest with other gun control activists.

A Plan for Peace

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
April 26, 2018

Who Runs the World?

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
March 19, 2018
In the streets of Spain, a detailed mural of a woman is on the side of a building.

A Colorful Crime

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
February 12, 2018
Students worry about getting into a good college far too early.

The College Crisis

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
February 1, 2018
While listening to music may seem like a distraction, it can also facilitate studying and learning.

Wired to the Beat

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
January 12, 2018
The HealthCare academy students set up equipment to monitor Savannah Rackovan’s vital signs.

Ahead of the Game

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
December 4, 2017
TBH became available to Liberty students in October 2017.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
November 7, 2017
Sophie Reale conquers her phobia and puts the fear behind her.

At the Top

Ianne Salvosa, Reporter
October 22, 2017
Mrs. McFadden

Mrs. McFadden

Ianne Salvosa
September 13, 2017

Ms. Pieper

Ianne Salvosa
September 13, 2017
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