Is Prom Worth the Money?

The pros and cons of prom

Olivia Holler

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This is the first ever prom here at Liberty and it is quickly approaching. Prom will be on April 23 at Winghaven Country Club. But is prom really worth it to spend all that money?

Prom dresses ranges from $100-$600 depending on the brand or designer. Prom dresses can be purchased online like promgirl or Sherri Hill or big name stores like Nordstrom and David’s Bridal.

Usually, girls buy their dresses a couple months ahead depending on where you get your dress from. A tux rental ranges from $100-$150. People usually get less expensive dresses/tux for homecoming and then save up for prom.
Dinner plays a big factor in prom as well. People usually go out to a nicer restaurant before going to the dance. Places like Olive Garden, BC’s kitchen or PF Chang’s are popular for dinner places. Reservations are very important during that night because it’s such a common thing to do before any dance.

I totally think prom is worth all that money just because it is one of the many last dances as a high schooler and also students can say that they went to the very first one.

Some students think it’s a waste of money. Why spend all your money on that when you can spend it on something cooler?

But you’re only in high school once. Enjoy any of the opportunities you can get.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to get your hair done, makeup, dress shopping, and whatever else you do to prepare, but it’s the one night where you can dress formal and get to dance with friends or dates.

It’s a fun way to get together before everyone goes off with their dates or friends.

Prom is a day you will always look back on and it’s one of the many last chance to be a high schooler. The money you spent on prom will be well worth the while.