New Drama Teacher

Mrs. Gehrke takes over for Mrs. Willis as LHS theater teacher


Sarah Downs

Mrs. Gehrke will be Libertys new theater teacher for next year.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

On April 13, Mrs. Willis broke the news to Liberty’s thespians that she would not be returning to Liberty next year. Though Mrs. Willis has made her way into her students hearts, Liberty is proud to welcome Mrs. Gehrke as the new the theater teacher.

While Mrs. Gehrke is an English teacher at Liberty, she’s actually been involved in the theater program for all four years that she’s been at Liberty.

“Ever since my first year at Liberty, I have helped in some capacity with theater. I taught theater for four years prior to teaching here at Liberty, so it’s always been in my heart. I’ve helped with auditions here throughout the years, and last year I stepped in for a few months. Some of the upperclassmen knew me as the ‘Theater Aunt’. So, I’ve always felt like an extended member of the theater family. My experience last year helping out with the drama club just solidified my love for the students in the program,” Mrs. Gehrke said.

Mrs. Gehrke doesn’t plan to make any large changes to the theater program, instead she plans to keep the program growing. She was a part of her own high school theater program, which has definitely impacted her decision to take the position.

“Theater has impacted my life in so many ways. I studied it throughout college, I did an internship in NYC with a theater program my senior year, my first ‘real’ job after college was as a community theater manager and, of course, as a teacher I get to pass on my love for theater to my students. Theater has made me a better communicator, has helped me learn how to empathize with others and has taught me the value of working as a team,” Mrs. Gehrke said.

Although Mrs. Willis will always remain an important part of the theater program, thespians are excited to welcome Mrs. Gehrke.

“Mrs. Willis has been such an amazing leader, and I wouldn’t have had half of the opportunities I’ve been given without her. I’ll miss her so much, but I’m excited to meet and learn from Mrs. Gehrke,” thespian Michelle Yoder said.

“I’m so excited to share my love of theater with all of you! We’re in for an adventure,” Mrs Gehrke said.

Mrs. Gehrke has been involved with the theater department for years. However, next school year she will be the official theater teacher.

Sarah Downs