We ARE Liberty

First day assembly sets a tone for the year


Eric Mason

Olivia Fotiadis and other freshmen enter the gym with a warm welcome from the rest of the student body. The student body was cheering, clapping and full of pride.

Olivia Holler and Brooke Huffman

It is the first day of school and students start to fill the hall with excitement, nerves and reunions with friends who you haven’t seen all summer. This marks the first of many days ahead for the freshmen and first of lasts for the seniors.

At 7:15 the first bell rings, as students hurry onto class, teachers are doing the usual; introducing themselves and the classroom rules.

“I am excited to meet all the new freshmen,” sophomore Kayde Chronister said.

It’s seems like a typical normal first day of school for the first few hours until later in the morning. Liberty is one of the only high schools in the area that kicks the school year off with an all-school assembly.

Katie Hill
At the assembly, the varsity dance team takes the floor with a routine followed by varsity cheer doing cheers and stunts.

The highlight is the annual bridgewalk when the freshmen walk across the bridge to officially enter high school and three years later will walk back across the bridge to end their journey at Liberty.  

Sarah Downs
Link Crew members joined the freshmen during the assembly to make them feel more comfortable. The Link Crew was required to wear the bright yellow shirts so freshmen could ask them a question or direct them where they needed to go.

After the freshmen cross the bridge, the rest of the student body is in the gym and starts to cheer on and get ready for the freshman to enter the gym.

With the band playing, the staff and student body welcomed the freshmen with cheers, pride and excitement.

Physical education teacher Mr. Sodemann gave the students a motivational pep talk and put an emphasis on being welcoming and a family-like environment. The student body had did just that.

“I liked it a lot, there are tons of nice people,” freshman Megan Venturella said.

Following the welcoming of the freshmen, the varsity girls dance team and cheerleading team did a routine to kick off the school year. Then there was an introduction to the staff and also some clubs talked like Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Student Council (STUCO).

Senior Albert Edney promoted the club and talked about exciting things to happening in FCA. Seniors Nolan Bone, Hunter Perkins and Carson Brown promoted the student fan section The Nest and encouraged involvement with spirit throughout the year and during sports.

“I am excited to get more involved,” sophomore Andrew Sante said.

The first day is always filled with normal “rules and regulations” things, but what makes our school unique and different is the traditions and the amount of love our school has for each other and Liberty itself.