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Ed Sheeran comes to St. Louis on Divide Tour

Ed Sheerans opening image at Busch Stadium.

Amelia Lockett

Ed Sheeran’s opening image at Busch Stadium.

Amelia Lockett, Reporter

Coming to our baseball city of St. Louis, Ed Sheeran performed Thursday, Sept. 6 at Busch Stadium. Many of our students and staff were seen the next day, wearing official merch from Sheeran’s concert.

As sophomore, Emily Bohn exclaims, “Wearing his merch was a nice feeling; it took me back to the night of the concert.”

Many fans were thrilled to have Sheeran in town, but also performing with him were Snow Patrol and Ann Marie. He performed all his songs from the Divide album and a couple songs from other albums. The crowd went from singing loud and jumping around to quiet and waving their phones lights. It was a sight to behold.

As sophomore Kate Rowley says, “My favorite part was how Ed rapped and created his own music with a lot of percussion sounding instruments.”  

In the beginning of the show, Sheeran said that he is his own band. By hitting his guitar to make a drum sounding noise, he created many different beats that played on repeat as he sang.

Sheeran also told a lot of stories and jokes between songs.

“I went in to sit with a radio program director, and I sat down and played my song, and I was like ‘so are you gonna play it?’ and he was like ‘nah’,” Sheeran said chuckling.

Back in September of 2017, Sheeran’s St. Louis show date was cancelled due to safety concerns according to Variety Magazine. Some fans who were devastated about that have waited a year to see him.

“I was upset about it but I understood why,” said Emma Schmerold.

After all the fans finally made it out of their parking spots into the traffic, Sheeran began to pack up and move on to his next show location. If you missed this concert, you can go to this link and find his other tour dates http://www.edsheeran.com/tour.