Passion Runs Deep

Abby Reed knows what she wants, and that’s a managing position for a college football team

Abby Reed is honored at varsity football senior night for her hardwork and dedication to the football program over the last four years.

Eric Mason

Abby Reed is honored at varsity football senior night for her hardwork and dedication to the football program over the last four years.

Ally Schniepp, Reporter

Behind the scenes, you never know who is doing what or how the team is affected. You overlook many of the team’s greatest assets, because they aren’t on the field running in touchdowns.

Abby Reed has been managing football here at Liberty her entire high school career. No one could be as passionate or devoted to managing as Reed is.

Reed, a senior, plans to attend University of Nebraska-Lincoln and wants to manage the football team. She’s got the experience. She’s been managing Liberty’s football team since day one.

“I’ve been managing since the first day of freshman year,” Reed recalls. Ever since that day she’s been in love with folding jerseys and doing laundry. As bad as it may smell, she really enjoys hanging out with the guys. She is closest with the seniors from both this year and last year, especially Donavan Arrington and Jordin Garey.

Abby is like coach’s right hand man. She does whatever he needs her to and she enjoys doing it from getting the water to washing the jerseys, she does it all,” Arrington, starting quarterback for Liberty’s varsity team, says of Reed.

Reed has also formed some great relationships with the coaches. Some of the coaches she feels closest with are Mr. McMillen, the head coach, Mr. Peggs and Mr. Kling.

These coaches and players have really encouraged Reed to follow her heart to manage college football. Reed also throws for the track and field team here at Liberty, but decided to manage football instead of other things she is interested in, like biology and med school.

Reed says that the worst thing about becoming a college manager means giving up going to med school. She knows how much of her time she’ll have to give up as well, but Reed is lucky to have found something she really enjoys and is good at.

Abby does so much for this team that people on the outside of it don’t even understand how much that she does for this team,” Arrington said. “She deserves all the respect that she can get and she is fun to have around at practice and at the games.”  In his opinion, Reed is the “best manager in the county because she has passion for what she does.”

Reed has found a place on the Liberty football team just by helping out and goofing around with the guys, and she is going to do everything she can to continue being a part of football for as long as possible. Whether or not she gets the manager position at Nebraska, she will always hold football close to her heart.