Approaching the Future

Students get an inside look at professionals lives to create a path to their future


Elizabeth Hamby

Freshman Maddie Sanderson asks Courtney Loveless Moore a question while she picked up her business card. Approximately 90 students from Computer Science Principles and the Intro to Engineering Design classes traveled to St. Charles Community College for a field trip.

Elizabeth Hamby, Reporter

We all think about what we are doing in the future for jobs, but do we really have to give up our side interests too?

Courtney Loveless Moore is a chemical engineer who travels around the world with her job, pursues art, and sings with her church. Moore was one of the panelists at St. Charles Community College on Oct. 9, where she told students about what she does in her life as a chemical engineer.

As a field trip, about 90 students from Computer Science Principles and the Intro to Engineering Design classes traveled to the community college to listen to a variety of different engineers in a panel format. Loveless Moore was one of the panelists, speaking for chemical engineering. She works at Novus International in St. Charles.

“As a woman and a minority in the engineering field, I really have to work hard to prove myself, to all the other men,” Loveless Moore said.  

In her session, she talked to students for a period of 45 minutes, then they rotated to 3 other 45 minute sessions. In between the two sessions, they got a lunch break, then returned to the additional two.

Some of the panelists included Wade Montgomery, a city engineer for the city of O’Fallon.

“You run into interesting things all the time,” Montgomery said. Some of his projects include stormwater projects, road projects and things within the community of O’Fallon.

This field trip experience opened students eyes to future career opportunities, business teacher Mr. Peggs said.

“It confirmed some older students on what the feel they want to do with their lives after high school. The day was a success,” Peggs said.