Taping No More

New bulletin boards pops up around Liberty


Eradyn Bailey

Dr. Kiely stands in front of a newly hung bulletin board.

Caleb Woods, Reporter/Audio Editor

You may be asking when walking around Liberty, “What’s up with all these bulletin boards?” There is a rumor going around Liberty that clubs and organizations can no longer tape on the walls. Assistant principal Dr. Kiely confirmed the rumor.

“There are multiple reasons why the bulletin boards are up,” Kiely said. “Reason number one, the tape residue is getting stuck on the walls.”

Not only the tape residue is stuck on the walls, it is also collecting dust.

“Reason number two, the bulletin boards are a way to dividing up information,” Kiely said. “We pride ourselves to be the prettiest, cleanest building.”

On the bulletin boards, you can staple, tape or pin advertisements for clubs or other happenings around Liberty.

Other students have been noticing a change with the bulletin boards such as sophomore Andrew Woodworth.

“It’s popping out and you can start to see them,” Woodworth said. “I’m starting to see other clubs start to use them.”

One class, the Pathway to Teaching and the club Educators Rising have both been using the bulletin boards too.

Educators Rising is trying to make the bulletin boards look more visually appealing,” teacher Ms. Genenbacher said. “We think this helps our school look nicer and also helps draw students’ attention to the important information posted. Pathways to Teaching is a class I teach. Students in that class are members of the club Educators Rising. Educators Rising designed and created the bulletin board in the 300 hallway. They want to spotlight classes taught in the 300 hallway. They posted info on Pathways first as an example. A form was sent to all 300 hall teachers asking what they would like us to say about classes they teach. That section of the board will change in a few weeks and will tell students about another super fun class they can take in the best hall in school.”