College…. Yay or Nay?

Should everyone go to college? Is it really that important?


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Liberty's 2017-18 graduation ceremony.

Shae Bowsher, Reporter

When starting freshman year of high school, there is an invisible pressure that teachers and parents put on students. They start to push everyone to start preparing for college with different clubs and programs that we as students can take.

Although most kids will take advantage of programs, a few don’t. Some don’t even want to go to college.

I was raised with my parents telling me that I’m going to college, no matter what. So for the last few years I’ve focused on my grades and tried to keep them decent, hoping that I could receive a scholarship from the college of my choice.

However, for the degree I want to pursue a diploma isn’t even required. However, it does reassure people when you have one.

I’m looking into a career in equine business, which the business behind the sport of horseback riding. Most people would be happy if I had a degree, but it’s not necessarily needed.

For students who want to pursue something like engineering, college is a major must have.

But for those who don’t want to go into a big career like that require degrees, why should they go to college when they can jump right into life and know they can survive and make a living?

I don’t think those few students should go to college as long as they know they can keep a steady income and can get the job they desire without a degree. Why spend so much money on a school that can only get you so far?

I also believe that if you don’t enjoy what you’re majoring in, you’re not going to want to work as hard for your degree. Whereas when you enjoy what you’re doing, you seem to put more effort and passion into it. So if or when you go to college, make sure you’re happy and care for what you choose to pursue.