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Liberty’s first Harry Potter movie night will be Oct. 25


Brooke Huffman

Sophomore Irem Inan wears her “Hogwarts Express” sweatshirt in preparation for the movie night.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

In honor of the Halloween season, Liberty’s thespians are putting on a Harry Potter movie night for students to enjoy Oct. 25. The movie begins at 7 p.m, while various activities such as face painting and house sorting begin at 6:15 p.m. While admittance into the movie itself is free, the interactive experience costs $5, and is set to be an amazing night.

Much like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” the movie night will be a chance to immerse yourself within the movie. This includes paper bags full of various goodies, chanting at the screen and student volunteers spritzing water to simulate rain; this experience will definitely affect the way you see the movie.

“The interactive Harry Potter movie night is a perfect event to get our students involved with the families in our community in a fun and innovative way,” theater teacher Ms. Gehrke said. “We’ll have face painting, house sorting, a photo booth and bags full of props to use during the movie. Our drama club will interact with the audience to lead them in using the many items in their prop bags to interact with the movie – for instance, there is an edible golden snitch in the bags that you get to ‘catch’ during the film – and there will be plenty of other surprises for the audience along the way. We’re hoping to make this an annual event close to Halloween, and we’ll be using any proceeds to help our future activities and to help send students to our state thespian conference in January.”

Harry Potter fans are anticipating the event, especially freshman Avery Schlattman.

“I’m excited for the movie night because it adds a level of engagement you don’t get simply by going to a movie theater. It’s really awesome that we get to experience that,” Schlattman said.

Even for huge Harry Potter fans like sophomore Shaina Feinstein who have seen the movies dozens of times, this will be a brand new experience.

“The interactive elements are going to be really cool,” Feinstein said. “When we went to Universal, they had all of the interactive stuff and that was a huge selling point for me. I don’t really like rollercoasters, but all of the interactive things like the wands, shows and food were enough for me. I got a wand and that was really such a game changer for me, and made it really immersive. I hope the interactive elements really draw people in and keep them entertained.”

When asked why should people come see the movie, Feinstein knew immediately.

“People should come see the show because it’s Harry Potter. That, and to support the thespians. Actors like us are the people who are in the movies, and without programs like ours there would be no movies to watch,” Feinstein said.

Don’t forget to stop by Liberty’s theater on Oct. 25 to attend what is the first annual interactive Harry Potter movie night.