Are You Ready?

Freshmen should think twice before taking all honors classes


London Powell

Freshman taking all advanced classes for the first time can be very overwhelming.

London Powell, Reporter

For many freshmen the transition from middle school to high school can be hard enough, then add on taking all advanced classes for the very first time and that could make your first year of high school a nightmare.

The lessons are more difficult, there is more homework, and there is more pressure put onto you. So this raises the question; Should freshmen students take all honors classes if they qualify?

“Personally no, I do not think freshmen should take all honors classes even if they qualify. Maybe only two or three because taking all four can be extremely stressful,” freshman Aubrey Kress said.

Social studies teacher Mr. Walterbach makes a similar point.

“It depends on the student. Not every freshman can handle those classes, but some can,” Walterbach said.

The pressure that is put on all honors students can be very overwhelming. The work can hold you back from doing things you’d enjoy.

“Usually I have homework in at least three out of the four classes every night,” Kress said. “It can be difficult to keep up with sometimes.”

But not everything is all bad when it comes to these courses.

Honors classes can be very fun and exciting for freshmen. You get separated from those students who don’t take their education seriously and you get a more challenging education that pushes you towards your full intellectual potential.

“I like the honors classes,” freshman Fiona Flynn reveals. “They keep me busy and I like the challenge.”

When it really comes down to it all, some freshman can take all honors classes without it overtaking them and some can’t. It all depends on the person. If you think you can handle all honors then go for it, but think about all the factors so you don’t accidentally sign yourself up for something that you can’t handle.