The latest news or “tea” in fall fashion, movies, celebrities and food


Lola Cadice

Senior Marlee Doniff making a statement by wearing a plaid dress to start off this fall season.

Lola Cadice, Reporter

What is the 411? The tea (tea is slang for gossip, situation, story or news), is about to be spilled in this story, leaving you with more knowledge about the newest trends at Liberty. It is officially the fall season, which means the leaves will be falling, the sky will be darkening, and the fall news is enrolling.

A new season brings in a whole new chapter of information and tea. You may be wondering what your peers are wearing or watching and you will soon find out. The tea is about to be spilled so everybody grab a blanket and a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy your daily dose of fall news.


The first thing most of us think about when it comes to fall is fashion. Fashion is amazing because it is a way people express themselves and allows others to know who you are without really knowing who you are. What are the latest trends in fashion you ask?

Recently, the latest fall fashion trends for girls are wearing vests and plaid. For guys, denim and flannel are the real deal.

Vests have always been a thing, but recently they have been getting super popular. Marlee Doniff, a senior, is a lover of fashion, and is always up to date on the latest trends.

“I absolutely love vests on other people, but I am not the biggest fan of them myself. I haven’t been able to find one that I absolutely love, but I am always on the lookout,” Doniff said. “I love pairing a vest with a flannel, jeans, riding boots and a scarf.”

You can pair a vest with a cute sweater, ripped jeans, and booties and you have yourself a perfect fall outfit. Plaid however, has seemed to get even more popular this year as well.

Skirts, jeans, sweaters, belts, shoes, and even hats have all turned plaid this fall season. What is it with plaid? Is it that everybody has just turned on their television and watched Clueless for the first time? What is the hype towards this print?

“I have been a huge plaid fan for as long as I can remember, so I am super happy it is becoming a trend,” Doniff said.  “I think a lot of the hype for plaid has to do with the trends from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s resurfacing. You can catch me wearing plaid all of the time. It is really hard for me to pass up a cute plaid piece that I may come across.”

Plaid is now all the rage, so as long as you own one piece of plaid clothing you will be good to go this fall.

Denim jeans for guys is always going to be popular, especially since the fall weather has hit Missouri. This is because no matter what type of style you have, denim will always look great.

However, this is not the case for Carter Kussman, a junior, who has not seen that many guys wearing denim or flannel at Liberty.

“If I am being honest, I don’t see very many guys wear denim,” Kussman said. “Most of my friends (including me) just wear a hoodie and shorts or sweatpants.”

Flannel has also always been popular for girls and guys and it has came back to the style world once again. But is it all the hype for guys at Liberty?

“The same thing applies to flannel. I never see many of my friends at Liberty wear flannel. If someone does wear it, it is just their sense of style and how they want to express themselves,” Kussman said.


The next category is fall movies. No matter what type of movies you are into, “Hocus Pocus” and “Halloween Town” will be two movies that everybody will watch this month. These are the two Halloween movies that aren’t that scary but are good quality and really fun to watch on Halloween night.

Eliana Moore is a huge fan of scary movies and they make her fall season even better.

“My favorite movie to watch during the fall season is ‘Coraline’,” Moore said. “I am also definitely a fan of scary movies because I love the rush you get when you watch them and how that night you don’t go to sleep because it was so scary.”


Celebrity news is always happening no matter what day, week, month or year. New celebrity news is spilled every single day and can be really hard to keep a track of.

Recently, Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, have split and called off their engagement. This was a shock to everybody because they seemed like the perfect couple.

Sophie Reale, a sophomore, who loves catching up with celebrity news, completely disagreed with anybody who says they were a great couple and has tea to spill.

“I think it’s good they broke up because Pete never really showed Ariana respect in public and would always be ignorant and act like a little kid about their relationship,” Reale said.

Also, the Duchess Meghan Markle is already pregnant and expecting her first child with Prince Harry. Some people think they rushed into having a child while others like Reale, disagreed.

“I think it’s good they are having a child because they’re starting a family,” Reale said. “People that are going to judge them because they are starting a family are rude.”


The last category that regards fall news is food. There are so many different treats that are made specifically for the fall season and the following foods and drinks are the most relevant at the moment.

The first fall treat that everybody raves about are the pillsbury pumpkin shaped fall cookies. These cookies are plastered all over social media as the “best cookies ever” and are super trendy to make, but are they overhyped?

Abby Heinemann, a sophomore, is a huge fan of these cookies and thinks they are the perfect fall treat.

“I think these cookies are definitely worth the hype,” Heinemann said. “These cookies not only taste really good, but they are affordable which is great.”

Another fall treat that is super popular and “cool” to have in the fall time are caramel apple lollipops. These are sold at Walgreens and Target and are very popular. You have probably seen these round school or have at least heard about them once before.

Sophomore Emily Brockmann had to know the scoop about this sweet treat.

“If I had to rate them out of ten I would say they are a six. I think they are so cool to bring to school because they are yummy and don’t make a mess,” Brockmann said.

The last fall treat that everybody has heard of is the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. This drink has gone viral and is THE fall drink. The drink is so popular you do not even need to say the full name anymore, you can call it a PSL and people will know what you are referring to.

Sophomore Daphney Garcia is obsessed with the pumpkin spice latte.

“It’s a pretty good fall drink and it is definitely worth the money” Garcia said.

These are the most relevant trends of the fall season of 2018. Hopefully, you were able to agree on most of these trends and if you haven’t heard about these things at all, then you at least you hopefully learned something new. From plaid to Hocus Pocus, to break ups, and to pumpkin spice lattes, this is the latest news for the fall. That is all for the LiberTEA of the season.

For more information on what it means when teens refer to “tea” or “spilling the tea” please click here to get a better understanding.