What Makes A Good Teacher?

What makes a teacher stand out from the rest?


Ashley Haberberger

Whenever freshman Annika Pastrana is feeling down, she knows that Mr. Walterbach will lend a listening ear.

Ashley Haberberger and Kelsey Looney

Nearly everything we learn in life comes from teachers, but what makes a teacher a memorable one? If they’re passionate? If they’re strict? If they’re relaxed?

“I feel like a good teacher is compassionate and patient with their students,” said freshman Kenzie Lopez. “When I had no money to buy lunch one day, Mr. McMillen offered to buy me chips, and it made me feel appreciated. He’s inspired me to be as patient and kind as possible.”

Fellow freshman Annika Pastrana agrees with Lopez.

“I feel like a good teacher is someone who adapts their style to the different way students learn and actually attempts to form connections. You’re going to be with them for an entire year and it makes things a lot less awkward for everyone,” Pastrana said.

Many teachers themselves agree that a teacher that is compassionate about teaching and patient with their students is a good teacher.

“I feel like it’s important to connect with my students,” history teacher Mr. Walterbach said. “And you have to be passionate about what you’re teaching.”

Walterbach has been known to be charismatic, trustworthy and treat students like actual adults.

“I think a good teacher is someone who can make engaging lessons that inspire students to then make their own content,” said German teacher Mr. Stoll.

Mr. Stoll is seen as a teacher who is able to engage every student in class discussions in the most comfortable way possible. Students say he is very compassionate and connects easily with his students.

“I think teachers are best when they let their personalities shine through,” English teacher Mr. Schaper said. “In my short time here I’ve come to realize that students respect teachers that admit their faults.”

Students say Mr. Schaper is an incredibly humble teacher that keeps his class fun and light-hearted all while teaching his students.

Each teacher has their flaws, but as long as they can maintain a good reputation in the minds of their students, any teacher is a good teacher.