Deciding Your Future

Liberty celebrate National Decision Day for the first time on May 1st


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Many seniors proudly wear their college shirt for National Decision Day.

Jessica Gibson, Reporter

As this year come to and end, seniors are preparing for their future. May 1st is National Decision Day, a day where seniors celebrate their decisions on college or plans after high school.

Decision day is part of a three-step process that has taken place over the course of this school year. Apply week, the FAFSA frenzy, and Decision Day are all apart of the Journey to College Program. The program is ran throughout Missouri and to most high schools. It is apart and ran through Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Apply week is to provide assistance during the regular school day to help seniors determine what their future plans are. It helps create a positive and helpful communication between the student and higher educators of different institutions. FAFSA frenzy offers free one-on-one professional help for students and families to complete the Free Application for Students Financial Aid (FAFSA). Decision day is a day of celebration for the seniors who have plans for college, career or military after high school. The program encourages seniors to finalize their plans for the future.

“We had about 130 students participate in apply week,” said Mrs. Gerringer, A+ coordinator at Liberty. “The FAFSA frenzy we had a much lower participation, and decision day we had a good outcome of students participate.”

About 136 senior students had taken part in decision day this year, which will be a yearly happening for Liberty.

“We plan on continuing the Journey to College Program for future years,” said Gerringer.

Now with so little time left in high school, seniors are preparing for final, graduation and future college plans.

“It’s all becoming so real, and now that I’ve signed to a school, I realized how many more days of high school I actually have left,” said senior Kirsten Lawson.

“It’s all becoming so real, and now that I’ve signed to a school, I realized how many more days of high school I actually have left.”

— Kirsten Lawson

The Journey to College Program helped a lot of students at Liberty reach out and discover schools they didn’t even know about. Other students have known where they wanted to attend since eighth grade, while some figured out their plans this year.

“I’m happy to be finally graduating,” senior Alex Vigor said. “I have been planning on going to Mizzou since the fall so I’m ready to go.

As seniors say their goodbyes to high school, friends and teachers, the future awaits.