Crowning Mr. LHS

Annual Mr. LHS is held featuring senior boys from the class of 2019


Chasteanne Salvosa

Senior Tayte Sanders is the Liberty’s third Mr. LHS.

Lauren Polydys, Reporter

It was a night full of laughs and fun for everyone involved. On May 3 the third annual Mr. LHS pageant was held to determine which senior boy would represent Liberty as Mr. LHS. This year senior Tayte Sanders was crowned Mr. LHS and senior Colin Rice became Mr. Congeniality.

The night started with hosts senior Gillian Sanford and sophomore Grace Pickering introducing the contestants: seniors Zhyar Ameen (Mr. DECA), Carson Brown (Mr. NHS), Michael Dawdy (Mr. Educators Rising), Liam Finnegan (Mr. Football), Cameron Jones (Mr. Theatre), Phillip Karre (Mr. Class Officer), Rishi Kondapaneni (Mr. Tennis), Jacob Krause (Mr. Band), Hunter Perkins (Mr. StuCo), Colin Rice (Mr. FBLA), Evan Sacks (Mr. Soccer) and Tayte Sanders (Mr. FCA).

Then they all performed in a group dance to a mash-up of different songs. The individual competition consisted of a beach wear contest, a talent portion and then each came out in their formal wear with their escorts. During the formal wear portion they were each asked what their favorite pick up line was and then had to answer one random question.

After all the events the audience and the judges picked their favorite, which was Sanders. In his acceptance speech he thanked all the StuCo members who put the event together, his escort senior Jaeda Lee and everyone for coming to the show.

Rice was voted Mr. Congeniality by all the people who helped put the show together. He was considered the most pleasant to work with when getting ready for the show.

“I didn’t expect it, but I am cool with it,” Rice said.

The boys spent two months preparing for the event and enjoyed every part of it.

“[My favorite part was] being with all the guys and it was a lot of fun to do the dances. We got on the StuCo girls’ nerves a lot of times but we all really wanted to be a part of the show,” Brown said.

The most entertaining portion of the event for the audience and the contestants was the talent contest. Each contestant came up with a creative idea for their performance. There was singing, ribbon dancing, lip syncing, piano playing, pogo stick art, a dramatic high dive, rolling across the stage, reenacting a commercial, solving a Rubik’s Cube, slam poetry and rapping.

Karre decided that he would do some pogo stick art for his talent. This entailed him bouncing on a pogo stick while drawing, but in the end he was really just bouncing because the art was already drawn.

“I come up with a lot of dumb ideas. So I thought of one and that’s what I went with it on the spot,” Karre said.

Overall every contestant was successful in captivating the audience and each one had fun in the process. During the intermission, audience members also raised money for the Flying Pigs Foundation to support research and medication development for those with MDA. The entire night was a success.