The Next New Single

Students discuss Shawn Mendes' latest hit 'If I Can't Have You'

Making its way to No. 1


Making its way to No. 1

Morgan Harris-Guyton, Reporter

Singer songwriter Shawn Mendes is yet again in the studio hinting for new music, while taking a break for a month? As of April 30, Mendes had posted on his Instagram story and feed that something was coming out May 3. Everyone in his fandom had been freaking out, curious about what it meant.

This give a hint on possibly a new album on the way or at least a single. Two of the biggest Shawn Mendes fans, also known as the Mendes Army is what they like to be called officially, are Isabella Denunzio and Haleigh McCune. I had asked them a few questions.

What do you think of Shawn’s new single?

Denunzio: “I love it, it’s super catchy.” 

McCune: “I actually didn’t like it at first but of course I listened to it multiple times so I learned to love it.”

What do you think “If I Can’t Have You” is about?

Denunzio: “I don’t know. It’s probably just a catchy song he wrote.”

McCune: “I think it’s about the same girl that he always sings about. Honestly, he needs to move on.”

When he starts up tour next month do you think he will perform it live?

Denunzio: “Yes, especially if it becomes a popular summer song.”

McCune: “I do think he will. It’s new and I think he’ll love to see us get excited over it when he performs it live.”

Will you be excited if he performs it live?

Denunzio: “Yes, I will be excited if he does performs it live.”

McCune: “Of course I’ll be excited.”

Do you think it will sound good live or different?

Denunzio: “It will probably good, he’s a good live performer.”

McCune: “I think it will sound a little different. He always sings his songs differently live. He adds more runs and you can’t forget about the voice cracks.”

What do you think about the style of the song?

Denunzio: “I like it, it reminds me of his older songs mixed with his new style from the latest album.”

McCune: “I think it’s really different. Like I said, I wasn’t a fan at first because it’s different than what he normally writes, but now I love it.”

Do you like the beat of the song?

Denunzio: “Yeah it’s very catchy.”

McCune: “I do, I think it’s very catchy.”

Were you disappointed with how it sounds?

Denunzio: “Not at all, I think it sounds very well especially with his voice.”

McCune: “I was at first but now I like it.”

Is the sound of the song what you wanted to hear?

Denunzio: “Even better then how it sounds on the radio.”

McCune: “I’m not really sure what I wanted to hear. I wasn’t  expecting him to drop a single.”

How did you react when it came out?

Denunzio: “Really excited.”

McCune: “I was kind of in awe. He’s so amazing and puts so much thought and passion into his songs. It really shows.”

What time did you listen to it or did you pull an all-nighter for it to release?

Denunzio: “It came out really late at night so I just waited for the morning.”

McCune: “I heard it the day following he released it.”

Do you think this is a hint that album 4 is on it’s way?

Denunzio: “Hopefully, It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything new.”

McCune: “I’m not sure about that. He’s on tour now and he just came out with his last album. I think he could be working on another though.”

How many times have you listened to it till it got stuck in your head?

Denunzio: “Only a couple times.”

McCune: “About  20 in a row.”

Do you think this is his best single he’s put out?

Denunzio: “Yes, I think it’s the best single he’s released.”

McCune: “No, I love In My Blood I don’t think anything he writes will top it.”