FCCLA Sells Coffee Every Friday

Funds raised will help the organization for their competition in Anaheim


Sandy Pizzo

FCCLA members Audrey Champers (left) and Katelyn Yoder (middle) setting up the coffee stand

Kaylee Willams, Reporter

Coffee drinkers wish coffee was cheap so it can fuel their energy without making a dent in their wallet. For us coffee drinkers, FCCLA is selling coffee for only $1 in a convenient way at school. 

Every Friday, FCCLA sells coffee and also pumpkin spice lattes outside of Ms. Pizzo’s room towards the end of October. But they always sell out of coffee, so make sure you hurry and get it before it’s gone. 

FCCLA is a leadership club that focuses on the family and practical arts applications,” FCCLA sponsor Mrs. McFadden said. “We do a lot of community service like preparing meals for a local crisis center – Youth in Need. Last year we took a team to Anaheim, Calif. to compete with their ‘food innovations’ project after they scored top gold for the state of Missouri.” 

In order for FCCLA to go to those places like Anaheim, they need to raise money. So for only $1, not only are you helping yourself out by getting coffee, but you are helping FCCLA do what they aspire to do. They need to raise money for their registration fees and hotel. The money that they raise will be equally divided between all groups that compete in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) events. 

“We don’t necessarily have a specific goal, we are just trying to raise as much money as possible so we can go to our regional and state competitions,” said Katelyn Yoder, who is the president of FCCLA.

The group gets their activities to complete and they can complete it at three different levels. The three levels are local, state and national. They also compete for the chance to receive awards from STAR events. 

Not only do they have activities outside of school, but FCCLA helps out with events around the school. For the school’s Pink Out Game, they raffle a quilt that the members sewed. For Red Night they bake goods for the cakewalk. And lastly, for the First Responders game, they make popsicles. 

FCCLA is a pretty big group with 25 members. If you would like to join FCCLA, you can pick up a registration form from Ms. Pizzo or from Mrs. McFadden. You would have to pay $15 for local, state and national dues.