Freshman Defies The Odds

Gordo Garcia is helping lead varsity soccer to victories.

Jayce Haun and Lil Clay

Craig Nickels, Reporter

Coming into this year, Javier “Gordo” Garcia didn’t know anybody on the school team. He is a freshman and is playing on the team with mostly juniors and seniors.

“I came in not knowing a lot of these guys. We took a trip and bonded a little more,” Garcia said.

The trip was to a tournament in Springfield and Garcia emerged as a key player on the varsity team. He’s the only freshman.

Garcia, who plays forward, feels that it is different playing varsity soccer rather than club soccer because he has played with his club for most of his career.

Garcia is currently third on the team with 12 total points. He seems to be adapting to the change very well as he has scored at least one goal, three games in a row. 

Garcia said, “Coming into this year I was very excited for football, but when I got offered a spot on the varsity soccer team, football cleared my mind and soccer was the only thing I could think about.”

Garcia was very excited about his opportunity. However did not know how well he was going to perform, but once he got on that field, he felt right at home. 

“He’s the only freshman of there and he’s getting playing time and that’s the key,” coach Raziq said. “We have a lot of talented freshmen. Right now he’s earning that right and getting some valuable minutes.”