Should Halloween Be Moved?

Many people wonder what would happen if Halloween was moved to the weekend


K Queen

Halloween is one of the most famous holidays around. What's your favorite holiday?

K Queen, Reporter

Halloween; the time kids of all ages get to go to neighborhood doorsteps and ask for free candy. But many parents and kids wonder the same question every year: Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday of October?

I went around and asked parents and kids in Countryshire neighborhood if this question should be put into motion. 

Raegan Hankins, age 10 said, would prefer it to be moved to a Saturday “because we get to stay up later and we don’t have to worry about school.”

Kaiya Nickols, age 9, also agrees with this question

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“We can stay up later to get more candy and everyone likes weekends,” Kaiya said. 

Kaiya’s father, Brad Nickols, also agrees with his daughter.

“It makes more sense for parents and kids to stay out later,” he said. 

Not everyone agrees with this proposal. Ben Queen, another local resident, said no to this question.

“Halloween is on the 31st, that’s tradition,” he said. 

Many people are split on this question. What do you think about this commonly asked question?