Gobbling Up Change

The turkey drive sparks some motivation to start giving to families this Thanksgiving season


Lucy Hunter

Mrs. T.O. stands in the hallway wearing her pilgrim hat asking for change for the turkey drive.

Allison Apollo, Reporter

Thanksgiving is upon us. And with only just a couple days left until our Thanksgiving break, the Associate Student Council (ASC) put on another fantastic turkey drive. Students at lunch could buy feathers for a teacher of their choice. 

The money raised goes to funding the purchase of the turkey dinners. The fowl are purchased and then are given to St. Charles County Juvenile Center. The center then hands the turkeys out to the families in need. Those turkeys end up on a table for children and adults alike to enjoy. 

“We’re helping kids not go hungry on one of the most important holidays of the year,” freshman Owen Robinson said. 

Students donated a dollar per feather for the teacher of their choice, the teacher who raised the most money will be wearing the winner’s turkey costume. And the teacher who raised the least amount of money will be wearing the chicken costume.

The reigning champion from last year’s turkey drive, Mrs. Tarrant-Oliphant (T.O.), has come back again to go for a second year. Mrs. T.O. spent her time in the halls wearing a turkey hat or a pilgrim hat while holding a box, asking for spare change.

“It feels great, my whole goal is to get kids to be passionate and when I win people in need have a happier holiday and it’s due to the generosity of the kids here. They’re amazing,” Mrs. T.O. said on how it feels to raise money for families in need for the second year in a row. Mrs. T.O. has raised about $203. 

Last year, Mrs. T.O. said, “It wasn’t about winning, it was about trying to get kids to understand the importance of giving and helping people that are less fortunate (…). And also the more competitive I got, it was in hopes that the other teacher would become more competitive too and raise more money.” 

Mrs. T.O. is right, the turkey drive isn’t just about winning. It’s about helping these people who are less fortunate than us. Thanksgiving is the time to give others a chance to have something great for their families this year and be thankful for what you and your family have.