Who is Rhett Cunningham?

Freshman shows his tech theater skills in musical Cinderella


Sarah Do

Rhett Cunningham does a mic check before Cinderella’s final dress rehearsal for Frontier Middle School.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

As a freshman, we’re often overlooked, put in our place, or invisible all together. But what about those few that peak through to the other side? 

Rhett Cunningham is a very involved freshman. Between theater, both acting and crew, homework, and having the best and full high school experience, he has a busy schedule. When asked how he balances his busy schedule, he laughed and said not getting any sleep. This, he also says, has been the worst thing about high school.

“Just getting up. Feeling so tired but there’s so many things to do,” he described. Cunningham, among other things, is heavily involved with theater. You can always talk to him about what’s coming up with theater whether that’s how it works, famous Broadway actors or technique. He knows it all. 

He wants to take his career with theater, specifically technical theater, even further. He plans to get a degree in tech theater and stage management. Not that he has anything to worry about. Even though he’s a freshman, he was the co-head of lights for this year’s play of Cinderella the Musical, which is an impressive accomplishment.

Mr. Eversole, an English teacher, has Cunningham not only as a student but a peer when working on plays and musicals.

“Rhett does things effortlessly that often takes others years to learn,” Eversole said. “His instincts are also very good.”

Cunningham also “called” the fall show. This means he said when things went on stage such as the house. He also said that not switching over to technical theater has been his biggest regret. However, now that he is in tech and he knows how to work it, he was excited for the upcoming show Clue in the spring. 

“It’s my first play for tech, because I’ve only done musicals,” he said. As Cunningham opens a new chapter in his life for theater, he also appreciates other aspects of high school. 

Cunningham is more than what meets the eye, even in theater. He works swiftly and effectively throughout all he does. Mr. Eversole notices the amount of work and passion he puts into his work.

“Rhett is driven and a creative young man,” Eversole said. “He is always ready and willing to learn, and he wants to do his best at whatever he does. This means that he not only learned lighting programming from me, but that he also took time on his own to research and experiment so he could create the look and effects that he pictured in his mind.”

I’d rather have B’s or C’s on an assignment than miss something that I really wanted to experience…I’m not here to get a higher GPA I’m here to make memories.

— Rhett Cunningham

Rhett doesn’t handle life’s surprises all alone. He has a wonderful support system that he wanted to personally thank.  

“Mom and dad, obviously, then Matthew Washburn, Hallie Anderson, Alison Flitter, Mr. Eversole and Madison Haynes,” he stated. To Rhett, the best part of theatre is meeting new people. 

“Older people [upperclassmen] they’ve been through it, and when they want to help, those are the people you just love,” he smiled.