Until Next Year

How a college student continues life with COVID-19 shutdown


Brianna Howard, Reporter

Though the dorms might be deserted, and the classrooms abandoned, classes are still in session for colleges all across the world during this pandemic. Students are left without the sports they played and others haven’t been able to get back to a job that filled their time. 

Nick Howard, who attends University of Central Missouri (UCM), is finishing off his first year of college the very last way he expected to. UCM recently announced that all classes for the rest of the 2019-2020 year would no longer be held on campus, yet would continue online. 

Like most, Howard goes through his scheduled day-to-day classes online, and is just starting to figure out how things will look the rest of his first year of college. Outside of his college life, he works on catching highlighted moments of athletes who reach out to him, editing clips to give them that could get their name out. 

Adjusting to his new surroundings and limitations to his work, Howard has found alternatives into continuing his editing and creations of film for athletes. Throughout this podcast, you will hear how Nick Howard has adapted to his new standards in these unprecedented times, and how he still continues to keep his life as close to normal as he can.