Not The Same Sunrise

Class of 2021 wakes up early for their first celebration as a senior at O’Day Park


Sarah Downs

Sam Ardrey, Luke Linden and Kaden Jacobi play cornhole at the senior sunrise on Sept 4.

Sarah Downs, Photo Editor Talon Yearbook

Bundled up in blankets, eating doughnuts, drinking hot coffee, yard games and the dew still coating the grass, this year’s senior sunrise took on a new look. Unlike past years of eating pancakes at Liberty, seniors this year had an assortment of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Panera bagels at O’Day Park. This year was the first year that the senior sunrise was outside.

“It was pretty cold outside,” senior Alex Miget said. “But we have a nice view of the sunrise.”

Everyone enjoyed being outdoors and taking pictures with their friends, both AA seniors and the BB seniors hung out together all at once because it was a parent-sponsored activity. Many students didn’t realize it was parent sponsored until they arrived, while others’ parents helped donate to the senior sunrise.

The senior sunrise was a wake-up call to the class of 2021. Some people say it feels the same while others find it odd. Since their junior year got cut off due to COVID-19, it’s strange calling themselves seniors. 

“I remember being a freshman and looking up to the upperclassmen but now the freshmen are looking up to us,” senior Shaina Feinstein said. “It feels like we still need to look up to upperclassmen.”  

Senior sunrise was enjoyable for the people who attended. It was the first look into the seniors’ last year of high school. Same class, but not the same sunrise.