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Many Movie Theaters are Opening back up again after Closing their Doors in March


Among many precautions, the mandatory masks being one of them, the movies are just another step closer to new normalcy, or as close as we can get.

It seems that nearly every situation in the world nowadays is blamed on COVID-19 and the state of movie theaters is no different. Yet as a human race, we are able to adapt to change. 

The comfy seats that we once sat in at the movie theater, watching the movies that were coming to the theater in the near future, are dead. Or are they? 

In the midst of the pandemic, the film world tried to chug forward- but there was still the underlying question: “Will we be able to see movies in theaters?”

Many movie theaters were forced to close their doors to keep the public and their workers safe. They were closed for many months, leaving patrons to rely on streaming services and the web for their fix of movies. 

Currently, theaters are opening up with added precautions to keep everybody safe. Some, including teacher Mr. Barker, are pretty hyped about it. 

I really love going to the movie theater. The last movie I was crazy excited to see was the ‘Star Wars IX’ that came out.  I’m also equally as excited to see the ‘Dune’ remake coming out.  Like… no way I’m missing that in a theater!” Barker said.

However, students may not show the same enthusiasm to movie theaters due to a wide interest in streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. In recent months, these providers streamed many movies that weren’t able to come out in theaters. Such movies like “Mulan” and “Onward” came out on Disney+, leaving fans ready to watch what they missed in the theater. 

Kenzie Lopez, a junior, is a frequent movie-goer and has seen some of the most recent films in the cushiony seats of movie theaters. 

“We had to wear our masks the whole time, but it was really weird because there was literally nobody there at all,” Lopez said. 

Among many precautions, mandatory masks being one of them, movies are just another step closer to new normalcy- or as close as we can get.