23 Liberty Students Presented With Local Scholarships

After Ms. Gerringer urged students to apply for local scholarships, many seniors had the honor to win at least one


Sydney Davis

Liberty students anxiously await to be awarded a scholarship on May 4.

Elizabeth Hamby , Co Editor-in-Chief of the Ledger

In January of 2022, Ms. Gerringer ushered all Liberty seniors into the Performing Arts Center to urge them to apply for as many local scholarships available to them. Local scholarships tend to have a much smaller pool of applicants and the chance of winning is much more likely than the larger ones you might apply for. 

She released to seniors a list of scholarships that they could apply for, leaving them to their own devices to complete them.

Flash forward to April 2022, Gerringer then invited 23 Liberty students to a local scholarship night where all of them were presented with at least one local scholarship that they won. 

The event took place on May 4 in the same place she presented the opportunity in the first place in the Liberty Performing Arts Center. 

In previous years, award ceremonies were held at each individual high school, and scholarship awarders would have to go to each separate one on different nights. This was the first year they had decided to combine all three in one place. 

Two other Wentzville School District schools, Holt and Timberland, were also invited and awarded scholarships as well. Proud families filled the seats of the auditorium as they anxiously awaited to find out the amount their relations won.  

In the future, the new high school North Point will be involved in the event as well, once they have seniors to award scholarships too. 

With 50 local scholarships on the line, every student won at least one, some even winning two or three. 

Local scholarships were awarded to students by many donors such as NHS and Student Councils from each of the schools, Mrs. Swofford, Ambassadors of Lake St. Louis, and American Legion Posts, and many more. 

Among the presenters of the scholarships, there was one of our very own, junior Ally Quirk and her family presented two deserving students $500 in honor of their foundation, Hope for Hannah, made in memory of their late sister lost to cancer. 

Dr. Nelson also had the honor to present two seniors with an LHS Principal Scholarship to Aleigha Schnable and Elizabeth Hamby. 

He is very proud of the LHS students that were awarded with scholarships, and loved handing out his very own. Nelson encouraged students to “be aware of the depth and breadth of all the scholarships out there and the wherewithal to apply for those.” 

Mrs. Schafer, the StuCo sponsor, was able to present a Student Council scholarship to two dedicated involved students, Anna Weber and Bella Bahr. 

All of the Liberty High School seniors were honored to be presented with various amounts of money, and the ceremony ended up putting a smile on all of their faces. 

Scholarship Winners:

Maddie Ashlock

Bella Bahr 

Shounak Banerjee

Ethan Besowshek 

Sarah Dickson 

Alexander Fillner 

Rachel Geisler 

Kelci Graville 

Donavan Hall 

Elizabeth Hamby 

Kenny Henk 

Sydney Hilgenbrink 

Kimball Lowe 

Mahathi Manikandan 

Sruthi Ramesh 

Tess Roberts 

Diego Rocha 

Aleigha Schnable 

Carly Torbit 

Chloe Velcheck 

Anna Weber 

Trevor York 

Jaden Zelidon