MLB Postseason Expands to 16 Teams For Upcoming Playoffs

Playoff setup will be entertaining and anything can happen in this unprecedented season

The MLB will now be using a 16 team format as opposed to the usual 10 team format.

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The MLB will now be using a 16 team format as opposed to the usual 10 team format.

Blake Robinson, Reporter

The 2020 MLB season has been much different than seasons we’ve seen in the past, and this year’s playoffs are no different. With a new format and the introduction of bubbles, the 2020 MLB playoffs are going to be like one we’ve never seen before.

Back in March 2020, the MLB season was delayed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. On July 23, the season finally began, using a 60-game format as opposed to their 162-game format. With the regular season being condensed, it leaves a lot of room for anything to happen, especially when it comes to the playoff race.

Under normal circumstances, the MLB playoffs would be between 10 teams, only allowing the five best from both leagues to have a shot at winning the World Series. This year, however, they will be adopting a 16-team format, giving eight teams from each league the opportunity to make it into the playoffs.

Currently, the teams in the playoffs are undecided, as there are still games left to play this season. There are, however, multiple teams that have clinched their spot in the playoffs already. The Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Cubs have all locked up a spot in the playoffs, with more teams trying to do the same thing. Although not all the teams in the playoffs are confirmed yet, the playoff picture is beginning to become clear. Due to this, people are beginning to make their predictions as to who they believe is going to win the World Series.

Based on BetMGM odds, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees are tied for having the best odds at winning the World Series. Jesse Rogers, an analyst at ESPN, predicts the Dodgers to win it all, stating “Los Angeles is just too much in a short or long series. The Dodgers have talent, experience and depth.”

On the other hand, some predict underdog teams such as the Cleveland Indians to potentially be World Series Champions. Sam Miller is an analyst at ESPN that believes we could see a team such as the Indians win the World Series, proclaiming “I believe that (Shane) Bieber & Co. really are the AL’s best pitching staff, while Francisco Lindor and the offense really are much, much better than this.”

It’s safe to say that this MLB season has been an interesting one, and the playoffs are going to be no different. Adding more teams to the playoffs of an already unpredictable sport can only lead to chaos, but it is going to be fun chaos to watch.

Whether the powerhouses such as the Dodgers and the Yankees prove why they’re at the top of the betting odds, or if underdog teams such as the Indians or the Cardinals can shock the world with an upset World Series victory, it is going to be a very entertaining postseason.