COVID Impacts Mental Health Both In And Out of School

Online students can face the same struggles of those who go to school


submitted by Emina Topcagic

Freshman Emina Topcagic works on her school work for the day.

Liz Hayes, Reporter

Out of 1,495 total students attending Liberty, 250 have chosen to do online school this fall. Freshmen Cynthia Sun, Ajla Topcagic and Emina Topcagic are three of those students who are enrolled in the Wentzville School District’s Virtual Academy.

While they do not attend school on a daily basis, these students still face the same struggles as many kids who go to school. Online school can take a toll on mental health while  and doing school in the time of Covid.

“Some things that are a struggle are depression and anxiety, but lack of sleep is also something I struggle with, including a hard time focusing,” Ajla Topcagic said. 

Presentations can also cause a lot of anxiety. “Talking in front of people while they look at you and it gets worse when they are talking,” Ajla said. 

Despite attending online only classes herself, Cynthia Sun understands the need for both.

“Parents also want kids to experience school, especially if it is a new school,” she said. 

Freshman Paige Quinn goes to school Thursday and Friday on BB days. (submitted by Paige Quinn)

Emina Topcagic shared her thoughts on Covid and what schooling is like.

“Covid is a problem but is also just a virus that we can pass and something that everyone will probably have to deal with like pneumonia,” she said. 

Her reason for choosing online school was that she “didn’t want to risk getting Covid and I wanted a break from school.”

Freshman Paige Quinn is one of those many students who chose to come to school. 

“It sucks and it’s way different because I am the one to talk all the time and I know like no one in my BB group so overall it’s difficult,” Quinn said. 

When asked if the school is doing well with Covid and schooling, “I guess but I have seen tons of people who don’t wear masks.”

Do you think your mental health is taken seriously in school? 

“Depends on the situation and the teacher because some teachers if you are stressed or something then they will push back the dates,” Quinn said.