Voices To Be Heard

Activism Club hopes to shape members to become the leaders of tomorrow

Sammy Knickmeyer, Reporter

LHS Activism Club is a chance for students to get educated about politics and political figures. (Provided by lhsactivismclub )

“Together, as a community, our voices will be heard, they will be powerful and they will change the world.” – Arthi Kondapaneni

Arthi Kondapaneni is a sophomore and president of the new activism club along with Anna Wright (vice president) and Madeline Francis (design manager). The three students organized the club. 

Why did you decide to organize an Activism club?

Kondapaneni: “Many times in my life, I have been told I am ‘too young’ to understand politics, and that the only responsibility that comes along with being a teenager is to simply live life. But what if many of us don’t want to blindly go along with what is told to us? I believe that many of my peers truly want to make a change in the world, but they don’t know where to start. This club will be the perfect opportunity for our voices to be heard. It can be a stepping stone for the new generation of political leaders. As the future is fast approaching, I believe that the young people are the ones that must create a change… to create a brighter world for the ones that come after us. We will be the next innovators, change-makers, activists and revolutionaries.” 

Activism club has an Instagram account (@lhsactivismclub) where they explain in posts what activities the club will be doing at each meeting. This includes watching political movies, discussions, creating political art, videos, petitions, peaceful protests, guest speakers, working on public speaking skills, and emailing representatives. The Instagram account also explains the goal behind the club. “Raise awareness on social issues and empower students to become more politically active,” Kondapaneni said. “As young adults, we are the future innovators, change-makers and revolutionaries. Together, we can start by educating each other and growing from one another.  We are all stronger united.”

Students Using Their First Amendment Rights 

It’s their country too so they have a say. I think all voices should be heard,” sophomore Kyley Rowe said.

Politics in a high school setting are quite a sore topic, which is why it is understandable that this club was difficult to get approved by the activities department. 

Together, as a community, our voices will be heard, they will be powerful and they will change the world.”

— Arthi Kondapaneni

“I understand that school is not a place to be discussing politics, so that is why I believe that an extracurricular club is a great alternative. Hiding from politics does not mean that it will go away. This club will deal with issues head-on and shape the members to become the leaders of tomorrow. It may be difficult to get it approved, but this club is about learning from one another and growing together,” Kondapaneni said when asked about the difficulty of getting the club approved. 

If you are interested in joining activism club you can check out @lhsactivismclub on Instagram or email Arthi Kondapaneni.

The first meeting is on Nov. 5 in room 218 at 2:15 p.m.