Wrestling Adjusts To Level 3 Learning

How is Level 3 impacting wrestlers?


Elektra Lowe

Junior Dominik Bishop mops the mats before wrestling practice begins.

Elektra Lowe, Reporter

As of Nov. 16, the Wentzville Board of Education moved all high schools and middle schools to Level 3: Virtual Learning. So what did that do to sports exactly? Well, as of right now winter sports are still happening, including wrestling.

It has been very surprising for some people to see that wrestling is still going on. Most wrestlers are not a fan of Level 3 learning because they sometimes don’t understand what the teacher is trying to teach. However, freshman Aiden Summers said, “It makes it easier because it gives him more time to rest for wrestling.”

Out of the three phases, the wrestlers favored Level 1 for sports. Cooper Carroll a freshman, stated that it made it easier for him to learn, and Summers claimed that it would make it easier to know where to go after school.

Senior Patrick Lynch (left), sophomore Hurshawn Perkins (middle), and senior Ra’Ed Haque (right) about to start their practice. (Elektra Lowe)

Overall, the team has lost some wrestlers when switching to Level 3. Summers says that they probably “feel lazy, sitting around at home and doing school work” while Carroll says that they may have “not enough time” for sports and school work.

As it goes for wrestling tournaments, quads (four schools), duels (two schools), and triangulars (three schools), everyone thinks about it differently. Jackson Ward, a senior, says that it’s going to be “like normal but with masks.” While Carroll says there may “not as many people, so there’s a higher chance on varsity.”

Each wrestler is doing their part to keep this sport up and running for the season. Ward says he’s doing his part by “social distancing and staying away from people who don’t listen to the rules.”

All three wrestlers are doing their part by wearing masks and social distancing when possible.