Alix Queen & Rock Climbing



Alix Queen is amazing at rock climbing because they persevere.

Liz Hayes, Reporter

Sophomore Alix Queen started rock climbing about two years ago during the fall of 2018. They started rock climbing after they fell in love with it during a week-long camp in the summertime. They mostly focus more on bouldering but also do rope climbing as well.

“The main equipment you use for rock climbing are climbing shoes, powdered or liquid chalk, brushes to clean holds with, and clothing that is comfortable to climb in,” Queen replied when asked about tips in rock climbing.

Always start on the easiest climbs and work your way up from there at your own pace. It’s about having fun and finding new ways to bend and twist your body to get up the wall. 

Queen has always been interested in rock climbing. As a kid, they went to carnivals or amusement parks and would always want to climb the temporary rock walls they had up. But it wasn’t until a few years ago when they found a rock climbing gym did they really fall in love with it. 

They love the feeling of climbing up the wall and getting to the very top of it and climbing over the little edge of it to stand on top of the boulder.

If you fall the wrong way, it could be very dangerous; and you could not only hurt yourself but others around you. Their future goals for rock climbing is to be able to work at the gym they currently go to. 

Alix Queen is amazing at rock climbing because they persevere.