Ada Nelson & Her Built-In Best Friend

Kyndall Stubblefield, Reporter

About 0.3% of the world population is twins. This means that 3 in every 1,000 births are twins. Ada Nelson is part of that 0.3%. Ada and Rian Nelson are fraternal twins which means that they are not identical but you couldn’t tell by looking at them. Being a twin is special. “You always have a friend who’s there for you,” Ada says.

“When people know that we are twins, they usually ask, ‘Are you identical?’, ‘Do you share a room?’, or ‘Do you share clothes?’” Ada shares. Her twin, Rian Nelson, shares many interests like sports, volleyball, and golf. They also do normal everyday activities together like walking the dog or working out. 

“Being a twin is different from having a normal sibling since they are in the same grade as you and the same age as you, you have more in common,” Ada said.  

Being a twin means you have a constant companion to have fun with. “Each of us have different interests, but we’re still pretty much always together,” Ada said. “We have the same friends and we do the same activities.” Ada plays golf and really enjoys hiking. Her favorite place to hike would be Cuivre River, State Park.

Ada is considering either being a physicist or an oceanographer, wanting to channel her love for the ocean. She wants to attend the University of California, Irvine because she loves the culture of the city and all the opportunities for her career choice.