Isabella Holler & A Passion for Mental Health


Submitted by Isabella Holler

Isabella Holler is passionate about learning about mental health and supporting those who are struggling.

Elizabeth Hamby, Assistant Editor of The Ledger

Junior Isabella Holler’s passion is mental health. She is a member of the Come Together club, which was centered on decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health in teens. 

“Having to go through mental health issues have made me very passionate about helping others so one has to go through it alone,” Holler said.

When she joined the club two years ago, that’s when she finally realized she did something to help people.

Come Together has had many successes, one being the first DeStress event and they also organized a World Suicide Prevention Day gathering and has had good turnouts so far.

If Holler were to tell people who are struggling right now, she would say this.

“It takes time to heal and get better, it’s ok to ask for help instead of struggling alone,” Holler said. 

Because if there is anything that she would tell her future self, it is that things really do get better.

“Keep doing things for me and not other people, everything happens for a reason and everything is a learning experience so don’t be hard on yourself.” 

So if Holler could say anything she would say that you are not alone. You are important.