• May 17 / Varsity BaseballLiberty High School - 0, Howell - 15
  • May 16 / Girls Varsity SoccerLiberty High School - 0, St. Dominic - 1
  • May 16 / Girls Varsity SoccerLiberty High School - 0, St. Dominic - 1
  • May 15 / Varsity BaseballLiberty High School - 4, Timberland - 1
  • May 13 / Varsity BaseballLiberty High School - 12, Howell North - 2
Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Refresh: Finding the Switch in the Dark

After being moved hours away from he previous life, Lounsbery finds optimism for a new one
Marley Higlen
Jackson Lounsbery wears his lacrosse team T-shirt around with pride.

Who is Jackson Lounsbery? Lounsbery is a sophomore and has been a Liberty student since freshman year. But before that Jack lived in Oklahoma.

Lounsbery moved here with his mom, dad and sister a little over a year ago because his dad got a better job here. He said he made friends pretty quickly after getting here since he moved over the summer. “I had the whole summer to practice with the football team and make connections early on,” Lounsbery said.

But it wasn’t all great at first. Before moving here, life in Oklahoma was all Lounsbery knew. Going from a familiar middle school to a brand new state and high school was quite the challenge. “It was just kind of bad,” Lounsbery said.

But not to fear because with an optimistic look on things and his love for football, it all worked out for him in the end. “I definitely saw some good moving here. Meeting tons of new people and kind of getting  to ‘redo’ myself. Like a refresh,” Lounsbery said.

And that’s something to take from this. Looking on the bright side and seeing change as an opportunity. When asked what advice he would give to someone else going through a hard time, Lounsbery said, “Things get better over time, time heals everything.”

Lounsbery said that his dad is always “pushing him to be better” and always wanting him to “become a better man,” and it looks like it payed off.

Lounsbery is now on the Liberty football team, plays lacrosse for Wentzville Lacrosse Club and has many people who respect and look up to him. We can all learn little something from him and his story.

So, who is Jackson Lounsbery you ask? He’s a boy who was shut in the dark but found the light switch. And that is something to be proud of.

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About the Contributor
Marley Higlen
Marley Higlen, Reporter
Marley Higlen is a freshman. She's watched her brother Connor Higlen, a senior, grow up in choir and theater and is excited to perform with him for the first and last time this school year. She’s invested in theater, choir, swim team, and working hard to grow in everything she does. Marley is determined to make a splash this year!

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