Should Politics Be Discussed In School?


Sruthi Ramesh

Politics can be discussed in class as long as it doesn’t degrade other people.

Vianca Malave, Reporter

We have all heard about this year’s politics everywhere, whether it’s on social media, with your family, and even in school. Some people feel that these topics shouldn’t be talked about in the school environment, while others feel we need to. While talking about politics (especially this year), it can create serious tension within people, usually ending up with two or more people fighting with each other. 

Some may consider this to be unnecessary since we are only teenagers in high school and shouldn’t be so wrapped up in; it isn’t something we can really even control or really even have a say in. Why be bothered about something we can’t even change?

But it’s not about change, it’s more about expressing what you believe in regardless. Others say we should talk about this. It might teach kids about what’s going on outside of school in the real world. Something that eventually we would have to do and it would impact us greatly by teaching us the thing every adult should do. 

Politics should be talked about in school as long as it’s not degrading. It is great to be able to express how you feel and what you value especially as a teenager. Showing your voice and what you have to say is a world experience we need. While talking about politics in school could cause a lot of commotion and some problems, it should be a fine topic to discuss if you’re mature enough. But before you speak about your feelings and argue with people about it, understand that people might not think the same way as you.