What It’s Like To Be A Woman

A survey was taken by 130 high school girls that asked about personal experiences as young women in America during 2021.

Emma Carter, Reporter

A survey created by a Liberty High School student was taken by 130 high school girls in the O’Fallon and surrounding areas. It asked about personal experiences as young women in America during 2021.

The treatment of women throughout history has been consistent. Overtalked and overpowered. Although we have progressed, the fight for equality for all, including women isn’t over. As you read this article, put aside any personal prejudices and ignorances you may have and try to educate yourself on this issue, and what we can do to make the world a better and safer place. 

When asked how often the participants experienced unwanted harassment, only 10 of the 131 responded with never. 

Furthermore, when asked how often they are perceived as weak because of their gender, the majority, 54, of the participants chose often. As well as only 4 chose never. 

This graph is the most striking because it had the most consistent responses among the participants with 114 yes, 10 uncertain, and only 6 no.

Finally, when asked the question if there were any feelings or experiences that would further help convey what it’s like being a young woman in America, the surveyed said the following. 

  • “I’ve been told I should’ve taken myself out of the situations of assault by a man. I shouldn’t have to.”
  • “It’s exhausting having to think about my safety before I leave the house and it makes me angry that some men don’t have a second thought before they go out.”
  • “I personally have been told a lot of the harassment and prejudices that I face are just a part of being a woman and that it’s going to make me stronger. When I get told that I feel like no one is really listening to our complaints and that we should just be comfortable so we dont hurt men’s feelings.” 
  • “Women aren’t objects. We are human beings!”
  • “We are told by our parents and or grandparents that the only way to survive in life is to be with a strong man. Anytime we are in a bad mood, everyone just assumes we are on our period. I’ve wanted to do teenage things like sneak out or go to a party but I’m so scared I’ll be kidnapped, drugged, or sexually assaulted again. We can’t even like certain artists without being quizzed on what songs they have written. We can’t like anything because boys will make fun of it.” 
  • “You’re judged for everything you do, but also judged even harder for not doing everything.”
  • “All boys want is our bodies and it’s terrible because we are so much more than just a body and a pretty face… We are constantly talked about by men like we aren’t even here. A lot of problems we face also are a result of other women not sticking up for us. Men need to see women as people and not merely characters in their life.” 
  • “I have been sexually harassed in the workplace by management.”
  • “The first time I was groped I was in elementary school. People don’t realize how early on in life women have to fear for their safety simply because they’re women.” 
  •  “I think that being a woman you kinda always have a guard because of all the disgusting things that some men have done in this world. I also think that men should not be making decisions about our rights.”