No State Mask Mandates Allows The Pandemic To Continue

States like Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and Florida do not have a mask mandate


Jeff Dean/Getty-AFP via The Chicago Tribune

An anti-mask protester holds a sign in front of the Ohio Statehouse on July 18, 2020 in Columbus.

Blake Cunningham , Reporter

Ever since this pandemic started, people have been complaining about how they can’t breathe in the mask and how their liberties are being taken away. Many of these complaints have come from the southern and western states.

In March, seven states began to lift their mask mandates. Proponents of lifting mask mandates are bringing up these supporting statistics from out of nowhere, saying that COVID-19 cases have gone down and things are going back to normal. The thing is that if we take off our masks, we are going to have a higher risk of spreading the virus more. It’s not just careless- it’s idiotic because you’re not just endangering yourself but others as well who take this pandemic seriously.

Studies show that when wearing a face covering, the risk of infection of the mask wearer is decreased by 65%. If we want to go back to normal, we have to take precautions by wearing a mask over your nose. It’s not hard at all. If anything, it’s easier to put the mask over your nose than have it underneath because it’s uncomfortable feeling the mask under your nose.

The governors of Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, and Florida have eliminated state mandates with more states planning to follow their lead. At some point, the president has to step in and have a word with these governors. Even though they have the right to their opinion, but come on were in the middle of the pandemic. It’s been a whole year since we’ve been in this pandemic. I understand; I get tired of the mask too, but we have to be mindful that everyone else in this country also wants to be out of this. However, we have to continue to take precautions so we can go back to somewhat normal.