Kindness In The Form Of A Coffee

Grounded Coffee truck provides free coffee for staff members


Elizabeth Hamby

Staff members enjoy free coffees Wednesday thanks to the LHS administration.

Elizabeth Hamby, Assistant Editor of The Ledger

You may have seen the coffee truck sitting outside at the front of the school on Wednesday, with staff huddled around it waiting for their orders. 

This initiative was a part of a Random Act of Kindness for the staff organized by assistant principal Dr. Kiely and Mrs. Webb. 

Another part of the staff act of kindness is the treat cart with sweets for the staff in years past. 

This time around it was Grounded Coffee powered by Kona Ice, which provided each Liberty staff member with a free coffee. 

“I was thrilled that we had the opportunity to have a coffee break during the school day. It was a great gesture to our staff,” Mr. Cunningham said.

The staff was emailed a menu and had the whole school day to go down to the truck and order a hot or cold coffee or maybe even a hot chocolate. 

It was a surprise for the staff all and all to thank them for all the hard work they have put in.

Down the road, Discovery Ridge Elementary did something similar a couple of weeks ago arranged by the PTA. Staff member Cynthia Hamby said, “It was dang good.”