Teachers Reflect On Receiving The Vaccine

LHS teachers describe their experiences of finding – and getting – the vaccine


Paige Bostic

Teachers recall their experiences getting their COVID shots.

Paige Bostic, Executive Videographer

As COVID-19 reaches its end at uncertain speeds, more and more people are preparing to get the vaccine. This includes the teachers at Liberty, such as Biology teacher, Mrs. Rosner. Prior to her recent first dose of the vaccine, she expressed that her feelings about the vaccine were mixed. 

“[I feel] relieved, but also frustrated that it’s taken this long,” Rosner said. 

The current available options for the vaccine include Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Rosner will be receiving the Moderna vaccine. For teachers, it has been more difficult than expected to schedule appointments for doses of the vaccine. 

“[I’ve been told] to just set an alarm and do it at midnight,” Rosner said. “And I shouldn’t have to do that. My health is critical to 186 students that I see every day, much less the ones I pass in the hallway.”

The Missouri vaccine rollout plan is composed of three phases. (Paige Bostic)

German teacher Mr. Stoll got his first shot on March 8, and is waiting for his second vaccine this coming Monday, April 5. Stoll expressed frustration at the timeliness of the vaccine rollout phase, in that he was disappointed at teachers’ place on the phases relative to neighboring states. 

“I got the Pfizer one. I’ve actually had to go to Illinois,” recalls Stoll, “because the Missouri government did not prioritize us (teachers). So I went to a Walgreens in Illinois, because they have a federal program there, so I had to sign up online. I went in there from East St. Louis, so it was right from my front door. I drove home, chugged three Bang energy drinks, a SmartWater, took an Ibuprofen and it felt great.”

Stoll expressed happiness at finally getting the vaccine, as his relatives, girlfriend, and friends are all vaccinated. 

The CDC has outlined methods of finding a vaccine near you on their website, which you can find here

The plan for vaccine rollout in Missouri follows a set of phases, which is pictured to the above.