Swofford Scholarship Winners Are Announced

McCain and Kohlman are announced as Liberty’s scholarship recipients


Rhett Cunningham

Brennen Kohlman, Runa Swofford, and Aubrey McCain after the two students accepted their awards.

Lola Cadice, Reporter

The Swofford scholarship, in memory of the late Coach Scott Swofford, started 21 years ago at Holt. It then was added to Timberland, and finally Liberty. And when North Point opens up, the scholarship will also be presented there.

The Wentzville School District has had this scholarship available to LHS students for the past seven years, ever since the first class of seniors graduated from the school.

“We had 34 applicants and Mrs. Swofford reads them over and makes her final decision,” College and Career Counselor Mrs. Gerringer said. “Scott Swofford was a huge part of the Wentzville School District and was a coach and teacher at Holt. Even though Liberty did not know him personally his spirit lives on.” 

Mrs. Swofford was up at Liberty on May 4 to present the scholarship to Brennen Kohlman (12) and Aubrey McCain (12). Both winners receive $1,000. They receive $500 at the time of the award and then another $500 later for second semester.

“The coolest thing is the students and teachers raise the money. It is not a donation and is a fun week,” Mrs. Swofford said. 

Both McCain and Kohlman were called down to guidance to receive their awards and were very surprised they were getting called down.

“I am very excited and going to BYU (Brigham Young University),” Aubrey McCain (12) said. 

Kohlman was excited and surprised to have won the scholarship.

“I wrote an essay about career goals and how you will make the most of your college experience. My essay was about working on space programming and my future career in aerospace engineering. I will be attending Missouri S&T,” Kohlman said.