Netzel’s Offensive Spark Helps To Lead Soccer Team

The senior, a Xavier recruit, leads the team with 22 goals


Jax Drezek

Chloe Netzel scored four goals in an 8-0 victory against Zumwalt East on April 13.

Kylie Dawn Beard, Reporter

Senior Chloe Netzel represents the varsity girls soccer team’s hard work, dedication, and passion. 

Netzel, who has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old, has received a soccer scholarship from Xavier University (of Ohio). Her message to anyone else out there who is determined to accomplish their goals. “If you want something, go get it and keep working hard.”

Chloe is a great representation of our team. She plays with passion and she has grit,” coach Kleekamp said. “She never gives up and is never satisfied. She shows up everyday with a great attitude and a desire to get better. She is very consistent with her effort and attitude every day on and off the field. Netzel elevates the play of her teammates.”

Netzel’s determination is unbeatable and always stands out. 

“Chloe is always one of the hardest working players on the field. She is very competitive and she doesn’t like to lose. She is very offensive minded and is always looking for a way to get to the goal. She is a great leader who leads by example. Other players really look up to her. When she plays with confidence, she is unstoppable. Chloe is just a great person all around,” Kleekamp said. 

But what motivates Netzel? How does she do it? When asked what her motivation is, Netzel states: “I would say my family is what motivates me. My brother and parents have always been so supportive.”

What helps Netzel get into her competitive state? How does she prepare for games? 

“I listen to music and do our warmups. Sometimes I like to watch old game footage, that helps,” she said. There’s no doubt, whatever she is doing seems to work. This season alone, Netzel has already scored 22 goals, along with 7 assists – the most goals scored by any player in the GAC Central Conference. As of April 21, the team is 8-2 and in second place in the GAC Central, behind undefeated Fort Zumwalt South. 

Coach Kleekamp also shares the goal of the varsity girls: “Our goal is to first win a district championship and then make a run at a state title. Our overall goal is to create a competitive environment where every player is playing to full potential while having the best high school experience possible.”