The Fall Of The Vending Machines

Dr. Nelson shuts down the vending machines during school hours due to disruptions


LHS Publications

Notes are hung on the vending machines informing students of the new restrictions on the machines set by Dr. Nelson

Elizabeth Hamby , Assistant Editor of The Ledger

If one thing is for sure, students of Liberty are territorial when it comes to their vending machines. There are six scattered around the school under the main stairway and in the cafe. 

An executive decision made by principal Dr. Nelson has shut down the machines between the time of 7:10 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Vending machines were previously banned only during lunch to promote sales in the cafe and the DECA store, but it seems students will have to look elsewhere for the foods they used to live on. 

Nelson feels that it has made a tremendous change in the atmosphere of the hallways, and contributed to less standing around in passing periods. 

Prior to the ban, he would find multiple students in the middle of class taking advantage of the machines. Passing periods were the prime time also to stock up on the sugary foods the machine stores. 

“It’s just junk food, and really, who needs more junk food?” Nelson said.

Students are pretty upset about the ban. Senior Joe Patrico is “a frequent visitor” throughout the school day. 

“The vast majority of students I would say want them back,” Patrico said.