WSD Band Fundraiser Will Land A Lucky Winner A Car


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There are only 7500 tickets available, so act quick! Scan the QR code for fundraiser details.

Elizabeth Hamby , Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Ledger

All the Wentzville high school Band Booster clubs (which is different from the regular Booster Club), have banded (no pun intended) for one big fundraiser this year. They partnered with Lou Fusz Automotive to provide one lucky winner with a free car. All you have to do to be considered is purchase raffle tickets that will be entered into the drawing. 

If one ticket is all you need to have faith in winning, that would be $20. Three tickets are going for $50, and seven for $100. 

On Oct. 26, the day of the 2021 Wentzville Band showcase, one randomly selected winner will have the choice between a cash prize, a 2021 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, or 2022 Kia K5GT. More information about the fundraiser can be found here.

The president of the Liberty Band Booster club, Gena Wagner, has helped plan the event along with the other high schools. 

“If all the tickets are sold, our band and guard programs could benefit close to 8K+ per program.” 

Any money put towards the tickets will benefit the band and their needs. Things like maintaining their instruments and their hauling trailer, to buying music and meals for competition. 

Mrs. Magno, the director for the Eagle Regiment, is hopeful about the impact this fundraiser will bring for the band. 

“So far, sales are off to a pretty good start. There are only 7,500 total tickets available, and we just started selling this month, so we’re hoping to see them sell out before we do the drawing in October,” Magno said. 

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It is to be acknowledged that to enter the raffle you must be 18 years of age or older. A guardian must submit for underage entries. 

The best part is if ticker-buyers don’t win this year, they can try again another year! The organizers plan to make the fundraiser an annual event. 

“It is a great fundraiser and we have a fantastic partner in Lou Fusz Automotive Network. We have appreciated the support of our communities for our programs thus far,” Wagner said.