The Return Of GSA

Gender-Sexuality Alliance reestablishes at Liberty


Sean Bruce

GSA hasn’t met since before March 2020, so this club’s return has been long-awaited.

Abbiegail Luker, Reporter

As school starts up again, so do our clubs. Extracurricular activities are always an enjoyable part of the school year for many, and this year is no different. Some clubs have always been established, some are newer, and some are making a comeback. GSA hasn’t met since before March 2020, so this club’s return has been long-awaited.

For those who didn’t know, GSA stands for Gender-Sexuality Alliance. 

Senior Arti Smith is a leader of GSA. “I enjoy being surrounded by friends and having a safe space to engage in discussion with a great community,” Smith said. 

We all know what it’s like to be in high school, and not everyone there is going to be supportive. It’s much harder when there’s a part of you that people don’t accept that you can’t control or change, such as sexuality and gender.

“There has been no queer safe space for about two years now and we wanted to bring it back,” Secretary Sammy Knickmeyer commented. GSA gives LGBTQ+ youth a safe space within a critical place. To have relationships with people you know will love and accept you is important, and GSA can provide that. 

“We start with a Google form for attendance and a Google presentation that highlights the activities of the club for that day,” senior Arti Smith. “The GSA board members send out a Google Form (to keep it anonymous) about the highs and lows of your week.” 

For the remainder of the time, they go over a topic of their choice, whether it’s about LGBTQ+ history or current issues. They then have an open discussion about the chosen topic, and if there’s time, an activity.

Anyone who wishes to join can still do so as long as they’re respectful. Meetings are held every other Thursday; the next one is Sept. 30. Meetings are held in the College & Career center.