Getting To Know Our Office Staff

The front office has welcomed a new roster of important staff members


Paige Bostic

Ms. Wiggs, Ms. Berghoff and Ms. Church (left to right) are the new faces of Liberty front office staff.

Paige Bostic, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger

Liberty’s front office is a hub for the hustle and bustle of the school day. It manages attendance, student comings and goings, and all the administrative work that a typical office demands. This year, Liberty has welcomed three new staff members to its office. 

Ms. Wiggs is Liberty’s attendance administrative professional. Students hand in their attendance sheets at her desk. When asked about how many students she interacts with daily, Wiggs thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll have to say 50, but I know it’s more than that.” As the attendance administrator, Wiggs mentioned that the most important part of her job is making sure that students feel comfortable at Liberty. 

“I love my job, I love being able to be helpful,” Wiggs explained. “I greet the students when they come in, make sure everybody’s having a good day, and know how important it is to be here.”

This is Wiggs’ first year as an administrator at LHS, having previously worked in the special education program. 

Ms. Church is our attendance administrative assistant. Students who have come in late or left early go to her to make sure that their comings and goings are noted. She also greets and registers visitors to the school. 

Ms. Church’s favorite part of the job is getting to interact with everybody who comes through. 

“I love being able to talk to the students and ask them how their day is going, [I love] when I see students that I know, [and] being able to say hi.” 

I love my job, I love being able to be helpful. I greet the students when they come in, make sure everybody’s having a good day, and know how important it is to be here.”

— Amy Wiggs

Before coming to Liberty, Ms. Church was division secretary at Frontier Middle School and a substitute teacher and noon duty assistant at Crossroads. 

Many students know Ms. Berghoff as Liberty’s registrar. This year, she is the building administrative assistant. She describes the job as busy yet enjoyable, as the role requires a variety of diverse tasks during the day. 

“I don’t interact with the students nearly as much as they do in attendance, I usually see about 10 or 15 per day,” Berghoff said. “I mostly interact with the staff around here. I love hearing the “teacher talk” and seeing if there’s something I can help them with, and when kids come in, I like that too.”

Ms. Berghoff has worked with Dr. Nelson at Holt High School as his secretary. 

“I’ve known him for a long time, so we understand each other and know what each other’s thinking, so it was a very easy transition to come over here because of that relationship,” Berghoff explained. 

Many students are familiar with the faces they see every day in the office but don’t know the true nature of their busy work environment. Our new administrators lead bustling days inside the office walls, but always enjoy being part of the Liberty family.