Where Has The School Food Gone?

Have you noticed the food and drink shortages in the cafe?


Kira Radichel

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the food supply in the cafeteria this fall.

Kira Radichel, Reporter

Many of the students here at Liberty are very concerned about the food and drink shortage at the lunches. School lunches here have always had a variety of choices and there has always been more than enough for students to have and choose from.

At the start of September, students noticed the shortage of small things, such as not having as many drinks and missing lunch options. As the days in September continued, there were fewer and fewer items. 

LHS cafe manager Suzanne Norman, who is in charge of 10 employees, said that “the short answer is the COVID pandemic.”

Wentzville School District Child Nutrition Director Gwen Doyle further explained what the cause of the shortage was, but maybe not the answer many of us were expecting.

“The food supply chain of our school is Kohl Wholesale and they simply do not have enough workers in the factories to provide the food we normally get,” Doyle said. 

Many of us have not seen the first-hand effects of the pandemic. Companies, such as foodservice distributor Kohl Wholesale, have been impacted by limited inventory and worker shortages. During this time in the pandemic, it is important to try and have patience and adapt because school districts are doing the best they can.